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Learn the music theory and composition techniques to express musical ideas efficiently.

Length: 12 sessions

In-person: Berlin

Composition and Arrangement

Unleash Your Creativity

Learn the music theory and composition skills needed to express musical ideas quickly and efficiently, and learn arrangement techniques to structure your ideas into a completed track.

Composition and Arrangement

Rhythmic Structure and Drum Programming

Learn how beats in various genres are composed rhythmically, and how manipulating drums rhythmically will add groove and feeling to your song.

Composition and Arrangement

Melodies, Chords, Basslines

Understand how scales, chords, and intervals form the basis of music composition, and learn piano basics to compose a strong melody, chord progression, and bassline.

Composition and Arrangement

Song Structure

Explore the most common song structure types in popular and electronic music, and learn how to apply structure to your own tracks by analyzing tracks by successful producers.

Composition and Arrangement

Instrumentation and Arrangement

Learn to choose instruments according to range, timbre, and function, to best express the mood of your track, and arrange parts in a cohesive way.

Composition and Arrangement

Tension, Release, through Variation

Learn how to keep your track interesting through the use of variation, applying effective techniques to create tension and release.

Composition and Arrangement

Transitions and Finishing Touches

Discover how creating smooth transitions and ear candy will add the final polish to your arrangement, and add finishing touches to your track.

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A step-by-step curriculum
at an Ableton Certified Training Center

Save hours of time by learning exactly what you need to know, instead of watching countless hours of YouTube videos. Our structured curriculum and expert instructors will ensure you get where you want much faster.


-Rhythmic structure
-Drum programming
-Piano basics
-Major & minor keys and scales
-Triads, 7th chords, inversions
-Melody, chord progressions, basslines
-Song structure
-Instrumentation + ranges
-Variation (drums and melodic)
-Transitions, ear candy

Learn with us

Certified Instructors

More Ableton Certified Trainers than any school worldwide.

Personalized Mentoring

Real-time instruction, student questions, and feedback.

Small Classes

Intimate class sizes (5 students) ensuring maximum interaction.

Discord Community

Ask questions outside of the classroom and meet peers to collaborate.


Composition and Arrangement
Composition and Arrangement
Composition and Arrangement
Composition and Arrangement

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Hundreds of students have taken this class as their first composition class ever, and they have all ended up making amazing music!