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343 Labs X Splice Sample Challenge

Splice 35 E 21st St New York, NY 10010


343 Labs and Splice collaborate to present an exclusive Sample Challenge, featuring grammy-nominated Splice artist J. Views. To kick off the event J. Views will talk about his approach to music-making and sampling. After that, participants will be put into teams to each make a beat using Splice samples by J. Views. Once teams have made their beats, they will play them for the audience and a panel of judges, consisting of J. Views and industry experts from 343 Labs and Splice, who will offer their feedback and pick a winning beat.

J. Views is a two-time Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter heralded for his innovative techniques behind every project. “Organic” is one of the words J. Views uses to describe his Splice sample packs. Although “organic” adequately describes the range of foley he included (from stomps made from ice, snares made from cabbage to soundscapes of crunching leaves) “organic” perhaps better represents his approach towards digital music. From lush synth pads to gorgeous electric guitar, every sound J. Views includes contains a palpable connection to the natural world, even when processed through digital equipment.