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Berlin Masterclass Nov 22 2023

From Beat to Song

Join us on Wednesday, November 22, for a free music production masterclass at the Riverside Studios in Berlin. In this masterclass, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Owen Ross will demonstrate his process for developing ideas from beats and loops into songs. Using Ableton Live as a platform, he will guide us through his use of melody, harmony, and production techniques to add dynamics and song structures to his productions. There will be material both for beginner and more experienced producers, so it doesn’t matter what level of producer you are to attend and learn new ideas.

During the event, 343 Labs will open its doors for an Open House, where attendees can tour the facilities, learn about 343 Labs courses, and meet some instructors. This is a great way to get a feel for the community and programs at 343 Labs, meet fellow producers, and ask any questions you may have about our school.

About the artist: Owen Ross is a producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who uses Ableton Live to create hip-hop, R&B, and experimental music. In addition to his music, he is one half of the production duo Re.decay, who host songwriting/production camps worldwide. His works can be heard on Wolf + Lamb, Springstoff, and his label, RDK Records.